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Trade Mark Registration

We understand the importance of protecting your brand and intellectual property. Your brand is a valuable asset, and Trademark registration in Pakistan is crucial in establishing your unique identity and preventing unauthorized use….

Copyright Registration

At BIPS, we understand the immense effort, passion, and creativity that go into every artistic endeavor. Whether you’re an author, musician, filmmaker, photographer, or any other creative professional with intellectual property…

Patent Registration

We understand that your inventions result from hard work, ingenuity, and relentless dedication. Defending your intellectual property under the laws of Pakistan is paramount in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why we offer comprehensive…

IPR Protection

Reinforce Intellectual property rights or IPR protection under the law of Pakistan to all your intellectual belongings, including creative inventions, business brands, logos, and more…
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IP Litigation

At BIPS, we understand the importance of defending your valuable intellectual property rights. Our IP litigation team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective legal services to protect your creations, inventions, and innovations…

Other IP Services

With us, your intellectual property is secure with proper legal documentation and registration that authenticates you globally. We cover almost all IP services under the laws of Pakistan, including trademark registration, patent registration…


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